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  • SOJA - Strength to Survive Album + T-Shirt Bundle
    Item #: OJ06COMBO
    This SOJA Strength to Survive Bundle includes:

    - Strength to Survive Men's T-Shirt (Choose Your Size Above)
    - Strength to Survive Album in Vinyl, CD, 320 MP3, or 16-bit FLAC LOSSLESS (Choose Format Above)
    - BONUS: Digital content includes 4 bonus acoustic tracks
    • $29.99
  • SOJA - Strength to Survive CD
    Item #: OJCD07
    Released: January 31, 2012

    Track listing:
    1. Mentality
    2. Strength to Survive
    3. Everything Changes
    4. Don't Worry
    5. Tell Me
    6. It's Not Too Late
    7. Gone Today
    8. Let You Go
    9. Not Done Yet
    10. Slow Down
    11. Be with Me Now
    12. When We Were Younger
    13. Gone Today [Acoustic 2010]
    • $9.95
  • SOJA - "Strength to Survive" Digital Download
    Item #: OJDD07
    SOJA's highly anticipated new album, Strength to Survive, is now available to order.
    The Strength to Survive Digital Download is available in MP3 320kbps and FLAC formats.

    The MP3s will play on iPod® and all MP3 players. The FLAC format is a lossless compression format for WAV files. FLAC files must be decoded and will play in WinAmp -- not all music players accept FLAC files. Windows, Mac, and Linux users may download free FLAC decoders here. By using this application, users load the files in and "decode" them into WAV files.

    Need help? Click here and search for "downloads" to learn more.

    • $9.99
  • SOJA -Eco-friendly Portrait Lithograph - Signed
    Item #: OJAP005
    Portrait lithograph from the Strength to Survive release. Signed by the band.
    • $29.95